• Respondent Participation Agreement

    By clicking “I Agree” below, you are confirming the following:

      • I will be honest and answer truthfully to the best of my ability.
      • I will participate in the group discussion or interview by engaging in conversation or answering questions.
      • I will arrive prior to the agreed appointment time or I understand that I may not be eligible to participate in the research project, and therefore, may not be compensated for participation.
      • I understand that I may become ineligible to participate in a study if my answers or usage changes prior to participating. I understand that my appointment may be cancelled and I will still be eligible to be called for other studies.
      • I have read and understand the privacy policy
      • I have provided Bryles Research with accurate demographic and household information.
      • I understand that Bryles may be video and/or audio taping the session I am attending and I will be informed the taping prior to the start of the session.
      • I understand Bryles Research may re-ask me questions that were used during my invitation phone call once I arrive for the study. If my answers or usage changes I understand that I may not be eligible to participate and may not be provided compensation.
      • If I am registering children under the age of 18, I confirm I am the child’s Parent or legal guardian and I authorize Bryles Research to collect and retain the information I submit regarding my children.

    We do understand that circumstances may arise and you may need to cancel your appointment or attempt to reschedule into another available time. We ask that you call our local office as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule so that we can make the necessary adjustments. We have made a promise to our clients to deliver quality data from a specific number of people, and we have a certain time frame to complete that task. We count on you having agreed to participate to arrive on time and provide us with honest thoughtful answers. Your attendance is recorded and missed or excessive cancellation of appointments may prevent you from participating in future studies. We know that your time is valuable, so as a thank you for your cooperation and completed visit, you will receive compensation for your participation. Those who arrive late cannot be guaranteed the opportunity to participate and may not be provided compensation.

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